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Issue No. 98
Thursday, April 17, 2003
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The ICA - Tokyo's Top Business & IT Forum - April 17 Event

TOPIC: A Guidance for Building Robust Business -
How Leading Company Ensure Their Business Continuity
SPEAKER:Steven D. Fitz, President, EMC Japan K.K.. and Managing
Director, Asia Pacific, EMC Corporation

Date: Thursday April 17, 2003
Time: 6:30 Doors open
Place: Yurakucho Denki Building, Foreign Correspondents' Club
Cost: 3,000 (yen) members, 5,500 (yen) non-members
Sit down dinner and open bar included
RSVP Please RSVP on our sign up page at

Name: Fuji FinePix F700
Category: Digital camera
Price: 74,800 yen
Release date in Japan: early May 2003

The Gist: The latest in a long line of very smart digital cameras, the
FinePix F700 is the first to be operated by a host of miniature killer
bees packed into its casing. At least, with what Fuji's calling the
"Super CCD Honeycomb IV SR," it sure sounds like it. In fact, the
honeycomb thing is actually the fourth iteration of a photodiode
space-saving arrangement that allows more pixels to be crammed into
the Super CCD. Even such a tiny body as the F700 has the technology to
knock out 6,200,000 effective pixels, producing images with a maximum
resolution of 2,832x2,128. That is, in real money, pictures far larger
than anyone really ever needs. The new camera also has a three-times
optical zoom, all the manual and auto functions we've come to expect
as standard and an extra wide body, which, as any of Anne Nicole
Smith's ex-boyfriends will tell you, helps you keep a grip on things.

More info:

===================== CHIBA FASuC INCUBATOR===========================
The Chiba Foreign Affiliates Start-up Center (FASuC) is a
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effective way to enter Japan. Where is Chiba? It's the
prefecture which is home to Japan's main international
airport, Narita. FASuC is located in the Chiba city of
Makuhari, halfway between the airport and Tokyo. For more
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Name: NHJ v@amp BA-500
Category: Portable audio
Price: Open (but approx 28,800 yen)
Release date in Japan: April 5, 2003

The Gist: Records to its own internal 128MB of flash memory as well as
to Smart Media cards. The player has your now-standard backlit LCD
display, various music modes and ability to display Japanese
characters. Handy for all those people born in Japan. It also has an
FM radio/tuner and a built-in microphone so it can double as a voice
recorder. Owners should get 30 hours of continuous play out of the
battery and, since it connects to a computer via USB, is compatible
with all flavors of PC operating system. You'd think it'd work on a
Mac too, right? In keeping with the name, the widget's black and
silver casing give it suitably vampish dark, good looks.

More info:

Brand Mythology: results-driven strategies to leverage the brand story
Four Seasons Hotel, Tokyo
Wednesday May 28th 2003

Main issues to be discussed:
- Fusion of the brand and business strategy
- Brand management in crisis and recession
- Delivering global brands in foreign markets
- B2B targeted versus consumer sector branding
- Global and local case studies of failure and success

Online registration (with a 10% discount) is available at:
Meguro Gajoen, Tokyo
May 22-23, 2003
Follow Gartner's 2003 recommendations for turning your dormant data
into high-payback business intelligence. You'll learn about:
- How to plan for becoming a Real-Time enterprise and what it means.
- How to use today's knowledge to develop an efficient management
infrastructure for tomorrow.
- How to identify and realize the Total Value of Opportunity. (TVO)
- Best practices - who's getting it right? Examples from industry

Online registration is available at:
============================ HOT JOBS ================================
HOT JOBS from's Ambition Consulting Team:

1) A leading worldwide marketer of lifestyle-oriented electronic goods
accessories is seeking a Retail Sales Manager for Japan. Requires
proven experience in the establishment and management of retail sales
distribution and experience in the consumer electronics category
is required. Fluent in Japanese and English, verbal and written
skills. Salary approx. JPY8m.

If this position is of interest to you, or you know of someone who may
be interested, please contact:
Jon Doherty at, or on 03 3499 3108.
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