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Issue No. 239
Friday May 26, 2006

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Name: Sony type U VGN-UX50
Category: Handheld PC
Price: 170,000 yen
Release date in Japan: May 27, 2006

Sony has rolled out a long-awaited update to their line of
ultra-portable PCs in the form of the Vaio type UX. The standard model
VGN-UX50 manages to cram an Intel Core Solo 1.06GHz CPU, 512MB of
memory, a 30GB hard drive and a touch-panel 1024 x 600 4.5" LCD display
into a sleek silver/black body that is about the size of a large
paperback (150 x 38 x 100 mm, 520 grams). The standard battery provides
up to 3.5 hours of on-the-go computing with a high-capacity battery
reportedly good for up to seven hours.

In addition to the touch-panel screen, a keyboard and pointing device
are also provided for controlling the Vaio. Communication needs are
taken care of by in-built 802.11bg wireless LAN and Bluetooth support.
There's also a USB2.0 port and compact flash and memory stick slots for
storage and data transfer. If that's not enough, a port replicator
provides iLink, LAN, 3xUSB2.0, AV and VGA ports. A Felica reader/writer
and fingerprint sensor are also included. Last but not least, two cameras
make it easy to use the Vaio type UX for taking photos or video-

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Name: Sony Network Walkman NW-E series
Category: Audio/video
Price: 10,000-18,000 yen
Release date in Japan: June 10, 2006

Not content with just releasing the Vaio type UX, Sony has also updated
the design of their flash memory-based Network Walkman range and added
AAC playback support. The NW-E Network Walkman will be available in
512MB (NWE-002), 1GB (NWE-003) and 2GB (NWE-005) capacities in your
choice of black, violet, pink, blue or lime green. A special edition of
the 2GB model will also be available in silver from Sony Style.

The NW-E comes with Sony's "SonicStage CP" music management and transfer
software. Playback is supported in WMA, MP3, ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus and the
newly added AAC format. However, DRM-protected WMA or AAC files cannot
be played back. The player connects via USB2.0 and can also be used as a
USB storage device. A one-line organic EL display provides track

Sony has also developed a range of accessories for the NW-E series
Walkmans that will go on sale at the same time. They include cases in a
number of styles - splash-proof, arm-band and silicon - as well as clips
and neckstraps.

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Name: Sourcenext "iPod selection Eikaiwa"
Category: Software
Price: 1,980 yen
Release date in Japan: July 7, 2006

Sourcenext, a software company well-known for their range of cheap yet
functional software, has decided to target Japan's huge population of
struggling English learners with their latest product - "iPod selection
Eikaiwa." The software will come in two flavors - a business edition
that focuses on office and meeting conversation skills and a private
edition for everyday conversational and communication skills.

"iPod selection eikaiwa" takes advantage of the iPod's text note
functionality to allow users to read lesson text while listening to
dialogue through their headphones. The business edition comprises eight
chapters covering such topics as self-introduction, greetings and
example business meeting phrases. The private edition provides six
lessons that involve conversations with an American visitor about
cultural differences, customs and manners.

Supported operating systems are Windows 2000 Professional/XP and Mac OS
X 10.2.8 or later.

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