The Hottest Gadgets and Gizmos from Japan
Issue No. 193
Thursday June 2, 2005

1. "Kinniku" mouse (Muscle mouse)
2. Denon Lapacia RCD-M33
3. Elecom JC-U1008T

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Name: "Kinniku" mouse (Muscle mouse)

Category: PC peripherals
Price: 5,980 yen
Release date in Japan: Already available

Thanko, a Japanese computer peripheral maker, is
notorious for their weird and wacky products and the
latest addition to their range is no exception. In
addition to functioning as a normal optical mouse, the
"Kinniku" mouse (muscle mouse) also comes with an
in-built electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) system!
According to Thanko, the system is apparently useful
for muscle training, weight loss or relaxation whenever
using a computer at home or work.

The system works via a set of electrical stimulation pads
that are applied to the user's body and powered by a
connection to the mouse cable. When the system is in
operation, the user can vary the strength of the stimulation
over 20 levels and choose between three different modes
using control buttons on the mouse.

Four stimulation pads, connection cables and a pad-carrying
case are included in the package with the optical mouse.
The mouse itself has a resolution of 800dpi, is 114.5 x 63.5
x 35.5 mm in size and weighs 150 grams. Both Windows
(98SE or later) and Mac (9.X or later) operating systems
are supported.

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Name: Denon Lapacia RCD-M33

Category: Audio/video
Price: 44,940 yen
Release date in Japan: mid-June 2005

Denon has announced the release of a new edition to their
range of premium mini-component stereo systems, the
"RCD-M33." The RCD-M33 combines a FM/AM tuner, CD
deck and amplifier in a sleekly designed aluminum case.
The volume control is also crafted from aluminum to
increase the feeling of quality. In addition to audio CDs,
the CD deck is capable of playing MP3 or WMA files recorded
to CD-R/-RW. The wide-band FM/AM tuner is capable of
receiving audio from TV broadcasts. The amplifier outputs
a maximum of 22W/ch and is equipped a high-quality audio
DAC to deliver superior sound quality.

Unfortunately, as is the case with quite a number of
"premium" sound systems, the RCD-M33 doesn't come
with speakers. However, two sets of matched bass-reflex
speakers will be released in conjunction with the unit.
The 3-way SC-M33 speakers employ a 14cm glass-fiber
woofer, 2.5cm tweeter and 1.9cm super-tweeter while the
2-way SM-M53 speakers use a 12cm woofer and a 2.5 cm
tweeter. Both speaker sets have a maximum output of 60W.

The RCD-M33 system comes with a range of inputs and
outputs -- 2 line-in, 2 line-out, 1 optical out and 1
subwoofer out. The system is 210 x 328 x 95mm and weighs
4.3kg. A remote control is included.

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Name: Elecom JC-U1008T

Category: PC game controller
Price: 2520 yen
Release date in Japan: Already available

Last but by no means least, Elecom has racked their brains
to find a niche of the peripheral market they don't yet
completely cover and come up with an interesting twist on the
humble PC gamepad. The JC-U1008T series is a portable USB
gamepad that can folded in half when not in use for storage or
transport. Great for a quick car race or game of golf on your
notebook computer when you're on the road!

Despite its compact size, the gamepad offers a complement of
8 buttons and a directional pad. Each button can be set to a
"rapid-fire" setting individually, eliminating the need for
the user to punch them into oblivion during use. The gamepad
will be available in two colors - silver and black.

The JC-U1008T is 100 x 46.8 x 12.5 mm in size and weighs a
scant 32.8 grams. Supported operating systems are Windows

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