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Issue No. 187
Thursday April 7, 2005

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=================< Setting up a Company >==================
Entrepreneur's Handbook Seminar in OSAKA!

Terrie Lloyd, founder of over 12 start-up companies in
Japan will be giving an English-language seminar and Q&A on
starting up a company in Japan. This is an ideal
opportunity to find out what is involved, and to ask
specific questions that are not normally answered in
business books. All material is Japan-focused.
* Date: 8 April, Friday, 9:30 a.m.
* Location: AA Hall, Kitahama, Osaka
* Cost: JPY15,000 paid in advance JPY20,000 at the door
Email for details and to register.
Name: SolidAlliance GhostRadar USB Memory
Category: USB memory
Price: 128MB: 9,800 yen; 256MB: 14,800 yen; 512MB model:
19,800 yen
Release date in Japan: Already available

The Gist: SolidAlliance has announced the "world's first USB memory with
ghost detection." The "GhostRadar USB Memory," available in 128MB,
256MB and 512MB capacities, features LEDs on its face that will light up in
accordance with sensors inside of the unit. It is equipped with a magnetic field
sensor and presence sensor, which are able to detect the changes said to
arise because of the paranormal. The GhostRadar also features an internal
biological clock to factor time in.

Different combinations of readings from these sensors will result in the shining
of certain LEDs. SolidAlliance has also established a website, to coincide with
the release of this product, for mapping out ghost sighting locations and times.

A single CR2032 battery can power the GhostRadar USB Memory for about 10
hours. It is available in two eerie colors: black and white.

More info:
=================== Email Marketing Works ==================
Study after study shows that email marketing ranks among the
most effective, and cost-effective, methods of reaching your
audience. However, constructing an effective email marketing
campaign involves far more than simply stuffing your customer's
inboxes. Follow up mailing, reporting, personalization,
autoresponders and, of course, crafting of the appropriate
message are all essential components of a successful campaign.

Ashley Associates Ltd. (
is a leading provider of email marketing solutions. For
more information, or to request a free white paper please
Name: MIB WakeUp+
Category: MP3 alarm clock
Price: Open Price
Release date in Japan: April 15, 2005

The Gist: MIB has introduced their "WakeUp+" alarm clock with the ability to
play MP3 files from USB memory. The clock supports the "USB On-The-Go"
standard, so it can act as a host for devices supporting the USB Storage class;
MIB has confirmed the WakeUp+ to work with the iPod mini and iPod shuffle.

The clock uses a clamshell design and opens 180 degrees to reveal analog clock
face and LCD for audio purposes. Surrounding the LCD are buttons for controlling
audio playback. With features such as resume, repeat, and random, it is evident
MIB has put effort into making the clock actually worthwhile for music. As
expected, the clock can set MP3 files to play as an alarm.

Furthermore, either AC adapter or five AAA batteries can power the WakeUp+.
Because of the AC adapter support, this clock could make a convenient desktop
item when combined with an iPod mini or iPod shuffle. Take your mini or shuffle
with you when you go out, and plug it right into the WakeUp+ when you return

More info:
======== Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo ・May Seminar ==========

This coming May, Norio Murakami - President of Google Japan
Inc., will be presenting, 典he Past, Present and Future of

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 10th 7:00 pm
Location: City Club of Tokyo - Maple Room (Canadian Embassy
Language: English
Name: Sharp MPA100/A200
Category: Portable audio
Price: Open Price; 256MB: 15,000 yen; 512MB: 25,000 yen
Release date in Japan: April 15, 2005

The Gist: Sharp's new "MP-A100" and "MP-A200" silicon audio players surely
won't blow the pants off of the competition, but they do appear to be a decent
(albeit expensive) offering from a company with little experience in the industry.
Varying in only capacity, the MP-A100 at 256MB and A200 at 512MB, both
models come in red and white body colors.

The biggest feature of the players is their inclusion of an FM transmitter. This
would be useful for while in the car, as it eliminates the need for any sort of
external device to output your player's audio to another device, such as a car

On the front of the player is an LCD, but it is does not display any color. Given
Sharp's history with LCDs, it is sort of a disappointment to see nothing more
than a monochrome LCD with a simple backlight. Then again, adding something
like this may add more cost to an already expensive player.

The MP-A100 and A200 support the playback of MP3 and WMA files, and
WMA files with DRM are supported. Files are transferred using vanilla USB 2.0
thanks to the USB Storage class support.

More info:
============== AMT Group's Exclusive Seminar =================

"Leadership Awareness Seminar" (in Japanese) at AMT Group's
Development Den in Yotsuya. 10:00 - 15:00, May 17 & 19
In a small group (maximum 6 participants):
* Learn and apply new leadership & coaching tools
* Access 100+ ways to motivate yourself and others
* Practice presenting before a group of peers and professional
Total investment: JPY97,000.
E-mail for details and to register.
And...for a FREE subscription to Andrew's Ax Leadership
Development newsletter, e-mail
=================== POSITION ============================
Theta Music Technologies, a leading provider of music-
related software and technology, is currently accepting
applications for the following position:

Title: Software Developer
Status: Full-time
Location: Tokyo
Requirements: BS in Computer Science or equivalent;
strong Java and object-oriented software design skills;
fluent English ability
Other desired skills:
- C/C++
- Mobile development (J2ME, BREW)
- Interest in music
- Japanese language skill

Salary and remuneration are commensurate with experience.
To arrange for an interview, please contact Steve Myers
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