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Issue No. 156
Monday, August 9, 2004
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Name: Sharp Mebius PC-AL90G
Category: notebook PC
Price: Open. (219,800 yen according to Bic Camera's Web
site as of Aug.9)
Release date in Japan: Aug. 7, 2004

The Gist: The PC-AL90G is the first notebook PC that contains AMD
AthlonTM 64, a power-saving, next-generation 64-bit processor.
The PC uses a black TFT LCD, and users can see the monitor from a
vertical angle of 130 degrees and a horizontal angle of 160 degrees.

The PC boasts a three-layer UV coating that creates a virtually
dirtless sheen.

It also has "DirectHD," which enables users to copy all the data on an
existing PC's hard disk onto the Mebius by using just one cable --
making it especially convenient for PC beginners.

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Name: Fujitsu FOMA F900iC
Category: Mobile phone
Price: Not available on Fujitsu's Web site. (Also not yet
available on Bic Camera痴 Web site)
Release date in Japan: Aug. 7, 2004

The Gist: The FOMA F900iC is the world's first mobile phone that is
compatible with iMode Felica technology as of Aug. 4, according to
Fujitsu's Web site. The technology offers electronic money service,
dubbed Edy (euro, dollar, yen), which enables shopping at some
convenience stores and vending machines without a wallet; consumers
simply push buttons on their mobile phones to pay. Felica is an IC card
technology developed by Sony. The FOMA F900iC also has a remote-lock
feature with which users can remotely disable Edy function by dialing
a designated number from pay phones or other mobile phones. This
prevents thieves from using stolen phones to ring up hefty bills.

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Name: Buffalo PC-SMP2E/CB
Category: PC card
Price: 10,600 yen according to Buffalo's Web site.
(9,980 yen according to Bic Camera's Web site as of Aug. 9)
Release date in Japan: the first half of August, 2004

The Gist: The PC-SMP2E/CB is what Buffalo calls a "TV Capture Card"
that turns a normal notebook PC into a cable TV. All you have to do is
plug the card into a slot on a notebook PC and connect the PC to a
cable TV tuner via a wire included with the card. The card is
attractive for those who want to watch TV without investing another
200,000 yen or more into a new PC or TV; it's only a tad more than
10,000 yen.

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