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Issue No. 155
Monday, August 2, 2004
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Name: Toshiba RD-XS53, RD-XS43
Category: HDD&DVD recorder
Price: Open.
Release date in Japan: Aug. 1, 2004

The Gist: The most valuable feature the RD-XS53 and RD-XS43 boast is the
capacity to record two TV programs simultaneously; each model has two
MPEG encoders and two analog tuners. Users can store TV programs in the
HDD inside the RD-XS53 and RD-XS43, so they don't have to search for
what they want from a rack of DVDs. The two appliances have the
so-called "Net-de-Navi" function, which enables users to set the
recording time via emails from cellphones and PCs. Users can save
TV programs in as many as 24 folders onto the HDD. The RD-XS53 contains
a 320GB HDD, equivalent to 570 hours of TV programs, while the RD-XS43
has a 250GB HDD -- or 445 hours of television.

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Name: Sharp Aquos LC-45GD1
Category: LCD TV
Price: 997,500 according to Sharp's Web site.
Release date in Japan: Aug. 1.

The Gist: The Aquos LC-45GD1 has 6.22 million dots, <1,920 (horizontal)
x 1,080 (vertical) x 3 (RGB)> -- offering the greatest resolution of all
the 45V LCD TVs in the world, according to Sharp's Web site. Sharp is
making the model in western Japan at its Kameyama factory, the world's
first plant to producs LCDs and LCD TVs. The TV is compatible
with High Vision broadcasting. Though massively wide, the screen is only
8.65-centimeters thick. It has built-in BS and CS tuners and a PC card

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Name: Sanyo LCD-15A2, LCD-20A2
Category: LCD TV
Price: Open.
Release date in Japan: Aug. 6.

The Gist: Sanyo, which is behind Sharp, Samsung and Sony in marketshare
for LCD TVs, will sell pink LCD TVs, a rare color for televisions that
are usually silver or black. The LCD-15A2 is 15-inches and the LCD-20A2
20-inches in diameter. The rationale for the pink, says Sanyo says, is
that the diversity of lifestyles nowadays creates the need for LCD sets
that match various patters of flooring, furniture and other household
interiors. What Sanyo calls "pearl pink" LCD TVs might attract women,
who are typically more conscious of fashion than men -- according to
the company. Sanyo also offers silver sets. Users can stop the action
on the monitor screen via remote control, so they can take note of
phone numbers orother critical information they might otherwise miss.
The TV monitor turns a full 360 degrees.

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