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Issue No. 154
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
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TEL: 03-5574-7733/4
Name: Sharp CE-S95EJ
Category: J-E translation software
Price: 41,790 yen.
Release date in Japan: July 23

The Gist: The CE-S95EJ not only has 26,000 sample sentences in both
English and Japanese in its pre-installed database, but it also
contains a "translator memory" that creates and stores new sample
sentences. Conventional translating software only picks sample sentences
similar to those already stored in its database when it doesn't have the
identical sentence in its memory. However, the CE-S95EJ will translate
sentences whether or not they are in its database -- a function Sharp
claims cannot be found in any translation software on the market. In
addition, the "translator memory" data can be shared in a LAN

More info:

============================= EA =======================================
Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo - August 3 Seminar

Featured Speaker: Rick Roa
Title: "Taking the Next Step"

Don't miss EA-Tokyo's August 3 seminar featuring veteran Tokyo
entrepreneur, Rick Roa. Rick will be sharing stories and advice taken
from 35+ years of doing business in Japan. Many of Rick's successes
have come from challenging the norms, and as his presentation title
states, he is always "Taking the Next Step."

For more information please visit: or email


Name: Apple iPod mini
Category: portable music player
Price: 28,140 yen according to Apple Japan's Web site.
Release date in Japan: July 24, 2004

The Gist: The iPod mini, which is already on sale in the United States,
stores as many as 1,000 tunes in its hard disk and is the smallest music
player in the world with the its capacity as of July 7, according to
Apple Japan's Web site. The iPod mini, with 4 gigabytes of storage
capacity, weighs only 103 grams. It has an aluminum body that comes in
silver, gold, pink, blue and green. Users can easily connect with the
iTunes Music Store, the most widely used online music store in the world.
Included in the price are an iPod mini power adaptor, a FireWire cable,
a USB 2.0 cable and a CD with iTunes 4.6, which is compatible with
both Windows and Mac. Battery life is up to 8 hours.

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Name: IO Data DVR-UEP16W
Category: DVD drive
Price: 24,200 yen according to IO Data's Web site. 22,800 yen
according to Bic Camera痴 Web site as of July 23)
Release date in Japan: late July.

The Gist: The DVR-UEP16W, which users can attach to their PCs, can
record data onto DVDs faster than any other machine, according to IO
Data's Web site. The DVD drive has a 16x recording mode for one-layered
DVDアR Write, which can record a 4.7-GB DVD in as
little as seven minutes. It can also record data onto double-layered
DVD+R Write (which holds 8.5 GB) in quadruple recording mode ... in
a mere 27 minutes!

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