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Monday, July 5, 2004
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====================== ECONOMIST CONFERENCE =========================
Which road now?
July 14, 2004, Tokyo

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to gain fresh insights into
the thinking of Japan's leading auto industry executives via serious
debate, audience interaction and networking.

Register online now at:


Name: Panasonic BE-EHE432, BE-EHE632
Category: Electric hybrid bicycle
Price: Both models at 115,290 yen according to Panasonic
Web site.
Release date in Japan: July 1, 2004

The Gist: These new bicycles, which have lithium ion batteries to help
bikers ride uphill with heavy luggage or other weighty items, can keep
on running (or riding) for as far as 76 km. The bicycles weigh
a mere 23.7kg -- and are among the lightest of the electric
hybrid bicycles with long-distance lithium batteries.

The models have a mini hip-up saddle (whose design was modeled on a
study in ergonomics) to help hold and position the rider's hip.
Separately, Panasonic sells a recharging device for 10,500 yen.
Panasonic says on its Web site that electric hybrid bicycles can
replace not only regular bicycles, but also CO2-emitting motorcycles.

More info: 

============================= EVENT =================================
G-MAC's "2nd Annual BPM/BPO Forum 2004"
Date: July 13
Location: Aoyama Diamond Hall

This one day forum provides a better understanding of implementing
various BPM/BPO projects thru keynotes, dedicated breakout tracks,
and case studies.

Also, leading solution providers will be presenting free Workshop
sessions providing education and information on the latest
technological advancements, proven best of breed solutions and trends
in Business Process Management & Business process Outsourcing.

Conference Fees --- FREE of charge to the first 30 registrants of the
Japan Inc news letter. Pls. refer to this when registering.
Tel 81-3-5805-6070, email:

Name: Toshiba RD-XS33
Category: HDD&DVD recorder
Price: 72,800 yen according to Bic Camera's Web site as of
July 5
Release date in Japan: July 1, 2004

The Gist: The RD-XS33 is only 58mm high, making it the thinnest HDD/DVD
video recorder available as of May 7, according to Toshiba's Web site.
Toshiba made the RD-XS33 very user-friendly by pre-installing
"Easy Navi," a menu screen that shows frequently-used functions such
as a recording timer, a movie titles list and access to high-speed
copying (from the HDD to a DVD). The RD-XS33 has a 160GB HDD,
equivalent to 34 single-sided DVDs, and a DVD multi-drive compatible
with DVD-RAMs, DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs.

The RD-XS33 is a multi-tasker; for example, you can record a TV program
onto the HDD while copying from the HDD to a DVD. For busy users,
the RD-XS33 has 1.5x play-mode with sound quality good enough to maintain
understandable dialogue. The RD-XS33 can record up to a total of 284
hours, and nine continuous hours on its HDD. Plus, it can store up to
eight hours on a DVD-RAM. The maximum copying speed is 32x.

Toshiba expects 70 percent of DVD recorders sold in Japan to have a
HDD installed. The recording format is MPEG 2. The RD-XS33 measures
430mm in width, 58mm in height and 336mm in depth, and it
weighs 4.7 kg.

More info:


Name: Sony HMP-A1
Category: Hard disk multiplayer
Price: Sony anticipates 63,000 yen. 62,790 yen according to
Bic Camera's Web site as of June 28.
Release date in Japan: June 26, 2004

The Gist: The HMP-A1 has a 20GB hard disk, so users can copy movies or
still image data from their PCs, digital video cameras, et cetera, and
play them on the passport-sized HMP-A1. This compact multiplayer
measures 129.6mm x 75.6 mm x 22 mm and weighs 250g. It has a 3.5-inch

The hard disk can store 35 hours of MPEG4 files or 9.5 hours of
MPEG2 files. The HMP-A1 can play six contiguous hours of MPEG4-
formatted moving images and eight straight hours of MP3-formatted
music before the built-in lithium ion battery runs down. Users can
conveniently hook up their HMP-A1 to their TV.

More info:

========================== EVENT =====================================
ICA July 15 Event - Red Hat, Enterprise Linux

PRESENTER: Ken Koike - Director, North Asia Channel Sales and
Development - Red Hat
TOPIC: The state of Linux from the Enterprise IT standpoint

RSVP required, complete event details at
Date: Thursday, July 15
Time: 6:30 Doors open, sit down dinner included
Cost: 3,000 yen (members), 5,500 yen (non-members), Open to all
Foreign Correspondents' Club


Name: Sony Qualia 010 stereo headphone
Category: Portable Stereo
Price: 262,500 yen
Release date in Japan -- Sony began accepting orders on July 1

The Gist: Sony announced the release of the latest in its Qualia
series -- luxurious product lineups that the recently struggling
electronics giant debuted in June of last year. The Qualia 101 stereo
headphones feature cutting-edge technologies, including a nano-composite
vibrating board that provides a wavelength range of between 5 Hz and
120 kHz. This feature allows users to play Super Audio Compact Disks,
or SACDs, which can store 100kHz-wavelength sound. The Qualia 101 stereo
headphones have soft leather ear-pads to ease the pressure.

Sony makes Qualia products only after receiving orders, so you won't
be able to find them at any stores -- aside from Sony's own
buildings in Ginza (Tokyo) and Osaka.

For information on Qualia products:

More info:

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