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Issue No. 150

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
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Name: Sony Cybershot DSC-F88
Category: Digital still camera
Price: Sony anticipates 53,000 yen. 52,200 yen according to
Bic Camera's Web site as of June 28.
Release date in Japan: June 25, 2004

The Gist: The DSC-F88 uses a rotating lens, enabling users to take
photos of themselves. The lens rotates a full 300 degrees. In
addition, the DSC-F88 has a zoom function that doesn't involve the
physical protrusion of its lens. It also has so-called magnifier
mode; users can take photos from as close as one centimeter. The
resolution is as high as 5.1 megapixels.

This digital camera contains the original Sony image-processing system
called "Real Imaging Processor," providing superior picture quality.
The DSC-F88 can take up to 330 photos without recharging -- double
the battery life of the current DCS-F77 model. The DSC-F88 has a
1.8-inch LCD monitor (compared with the DCS-F77's 1.5-inch monitor).
The new model also has a more user-friendly interface on its menu
screen and for functions such as photo framing.

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Name: Sony HMP-A1
Category: Hard disk multiplayer
Price: Sony anticipates 63,000 yen. 62,790 yen according to
Bic Camera's Web site as of June 28.
Release date in Japan: June 26, 2004

The Gist: The HMP-A1 has a 20GB hard disk, so users can copy movies or
still image data from their PCs, digital video cameras, et cetera, and
play them on the passport-sized HMP-A1. This compact multiplayer
measures 129.6mm x 75.6 mm x 22 mm and weighs 250g. It has a 3.5-inch

The hard disk can store 35 hours of MPEG4 files or 9.5 hours of
MPEG2 files. The HMP-A1 can play six contiguous hours of MPEG4-
formatted moving images and eight straight hours of MP3-formatted
music before the battery runs down. It uses a built-in lithium ion
battery. And users can hook up their HMP-A1 with their TV.

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Name: Pioneer PCR-BS10-R, PCR-BS10-L
Category: Portable Speakers for the bathroom
Price: Open. (Not available on Bic Camera痴 Web site as of
June 28.)
Release date in Japan: late June, 2004

The Gist: These two speakers are resistant to humidity, enabling users
to listen to music in their bathrooms. Users attach the headphone cable
of their chosen portable audio device to the PCR-BS10-R or PCR-BS10-L
and place the device inside the speaker. Aside from color, The
PCR-BS10-R and PCR-BS10-L are identical: The former is red, the latter

According to Pioneer on their Web site, a growing number of consumers
want to listen to music while soaking in the tub -- or singing in the

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