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Issue No. 145

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
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Name: Toshiba Dynabook EX/2515LDSTW, TX/2515LDSW, CX/2215LMSW
Category: Notebook PC
Price: Open (but Toshiba anticipates Dynabook EX series to be
between 220,000 and 245,000 yen, TX series to be between
170,000 and 240,000 yen and CX series to be between 180,000
and 205,000 yen.)
Release date in Japan: May 14, 2004

The Gist: Toshiba released a new series of its best-hit Dynabook laptops
on May 14 with three types and 10 models of the Dynabook EX
series. The models have TV tuners with ghost-reducers and other
visual-refining functions installed, attracting AV users instead of
just PC users. Toshiba calls the Dynabook EX a "digital-AV-all-in-one
notebook PC." The Dynabook EX has multiple functions such as a LCD TV,
a DVD recorder, an audio player and a PC. The TV tuner with ghost-
reducer will reduce annoying duplicated images on analog TV monitors,
making the visual quality of the Dynabook on par with TVs. Users can
watch TV programs and DVD movies without starting up Windows OS.
Users can also record TV programs onto the HDD installed in the
Dynabook as well as onto DVD.

The Dynabook TX series, to be simultaneously released with Dynabook
EX, has a wireless LAN function. Also simultaneously released is
the Dynabook CX, a compact notebook PC. The Dynabook EX measures
330 mm in width, 282 mm in depth and 39.9 mm in height, and
weighs 3.1 kg. The Dynabook TX measures 338 mm in width, 274 mm in
depth and 38 mm in height, and weighs 2.7 kg. The Dynabook CX
measures 279 mm in width, 238 mm in depth and 34.8 mm in height,
and weighs just 2 kg.

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Name: Hitachi DV-PF7
Category: DVD Player with VHS recorder function
Price: Open (but Hitachi anticipates around 50,000 yen or
Release date in Japan: May 21, 2004

The Gist: The DV-PF7 can save space for combining its two functions.
For example, users can simultaneously watch movies on DVD and
record a TV program with the VHS recorder. The DV-PF7 can also play
an 8cm-DVD-R disk, which is compatible with Hitachi's DVD video
camera WOOO. The DV-PF7 can also play MP3 and JPEG files stored on
CDs and CD-R/RWs. It also plays WMA files, or Windows Media TM Audio
files. It has a disk-navigation function that allows users to look
for the specific scene(s) they want to with ease.

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Name: Victor, or JVC, AV Control Amplifier and Satellite Speaker
Category: Speaker system
Price: 52,290 yen for an AV Control Amplifier; 16,800 yen for
a set of six satellite speakers.
Release date in Japan: June 1, 2004

The Gist: These two products make your living room a concert hall and
you the concert conductor. First you put the six satellite speakers
in your living room. Then you hook up AV Control Amplifier and the
six speakers to a television, a radio or another sound source. (You'll
need wires to connect all these, of course.) When you clap your hands,
each speaker recognizes your location and the control amplifier adjusts
the volume of the speakers to give you the best quality sound. The
speakers have DEUS digital amplifiers that use Hybrid Feedback
technology. Sound comes from the top and sides of the speakers --
instead of from just one side. The AV Control Amplifier measures
435 mm in width, 70 mm in height and 329.5 mm in depth. Each
satellite speaker comes in three different sizes; the biggest is
209 mm in width, 85 mm in height and 92 mm in depth.

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