Archived Magazine Contents

June 2005 Issue

  Japan: The Big Picture Revisited

By Darrel Whitten
  Opportunities for Foreign Companies in Japan's Medical Sector
A Seminar Hosted by Ibaraki Prefecture, LINC Media & J@pan Inc.
By Eri Minagawa
  University E-learning
Government support and demographics bode well for virtual classrooms in Japan
By Jeff Schnack
  Tanoc -- Keeping the Bad Guys Out
Security CCTV systems company is on a tear
By John Dodd
  Harnessing the Buddhist Work Ethic
I M Corporation Carves Out a Niche
By Terrie Lloyd
  Strategic Recruiting in Tokyo
Finding Experienced Bilinguals
By John Dodd
  Harajuku Girls Co-opted
Everyone imposes their own interpretation on the so-called Harajuku girls. Despite their recent rise to fame, who are the real girls behind the Hollywood obsession?
By Emily Kubo
  Surviving the Chaos of Moving Your Office
Selecting the right real estate advisor in Tokyo can help you navigate the complex and often overwhelming office relocation process
By Dylan Robertson
  Trends in Japanese Alternative Education
Nihon Gakuin
By Terrie Lloyd
  Bad Buchos

By Andrew Silberman
  Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Accepting the knowledge and applying it to our lives
By Bonnie Lee La Madeleine
  Beyond Every Foreigner's Complaint
Is a Million Dollar Business Idea
By Bruce Rutledge

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