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April 2004 Issue


  Anime Attacks
As Disney dithers, Toei takes on the world.
  Color Blinded
Racial profiling is par for the course in contemporary Japan -- and right now, there's not much you can do about it.
  True Lies
Was Japan's postwar economy funded by plundered billions? Japan, the US and the M-fund.


  Advertisement: The Brand is Dead, Long Live the Brand
With so much of what we buy now made in the same developing countries by workers on the same wages, do brands really matter anymore?


Change is usually difficult ... or disastrous. But we're stoked about this one.
  Buzz: The latest talk.
Shinsei Soars, Microsoft Under the Scope ...
  G-Spot: The latest tech.
OGG Vorbis, The Shinkansen Mouse ...
  Upfront: Who Killed Koki Ishii?
The murder of a top corruption-buster is business as usual.
  Upfront: Letting Creative Lead -- Advertising After the Bubble
Alejandro Lopez spices up Beacon's bacon.
  Voice: Honda President Takeo Fukui
A JI exclusive.
  In Depth: Will the Slum Remain the Same?
San'ya heads for the auction block.
  Investor insight: Signs of a Real Recovery?
Our money master provides an overview of likely booms.
  Kansai: Refusing to Wake
Our columnist is the token "internationalist" in Kansai. Uh-oh.
  Look: Spring's School Daze
A Japan you only thought you knew.


  I Want my Thin TV!
This month's consumer surverys.

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