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May 2002 Issue


  Great Thinkers: Einstein, Freud and ... Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee, who single-handedly invented the World Wide Web, was in town to receive JPY 50 million Japan Award.
  The Pulse 2
The best of J@pan Inc's newsletters: Gadget Watch, Wireless Watch and Music Media Watch.
  Safety Zone?
Attacks on pupils and teachers mean Japan's schools, once renowned for their open-door policies, are bringing in Big Brother-style surveillance systems.
  From The Editor
  Switched ON
A professional musician gets to grisps with a newfangled MP3 player/recorder.
  Bridging the Digital Gender Divide
Digital Eve's Japan chapter on the struggle to get the nation's women on a technological even footing with its men.
  Warning: Stegosaurus in Yard
How about a new home security system?
VC Report: Firms Look beyond the Clouds
Japan's economy may be adrift, but venture capitalists seem to feel they may be heading for fairer winds...
  Online Brokerages See Record Trading Volume in March
The March stock market rally was a boon for online brokerages...
  Xbox's Very Short Honeymoon
Microsoft's Xbox was the best-selling game console in Japan for the week of February 18-24, after ...
  'El Of a Gadget
After decades of fruitless crystal-ball gazing, it looks like wearable computers are just around the corner ...
  To The Editor
What our readers have to say ...


  OKINAWA: A Trouble island has visions of IT paradise
Okinawa, Japan's southernmost prefecture, is a semitropical island chain that's best known for being US territory until 1972. That perception is about to change as local and central governments offer incentives to lure high-tech companies to set up shop there.
  Call of the Wind
OKINAWA, Japan's southernmost province, is home to some of the country's most successful call centers.
  Running On Empty
Gregory Clark, the president of Tama University, says prime minister Junichiro Koizumi spends too much time tinkering with supply when it's demand that is the problem.
  The Final ShowDown
Digital technology is rapidly replacing traditional film in the movies -- a move that has serious implications for both the nature of film production and its financing.


The high-end server market is going through a transitional period, but who are the winners and losers?
  Talking Shop
Carl Glaeser, CEO of Bowne Global Solutions, talks about globalization, a bankruptcy auction and the future of human translators.
How much you can earn if incarcerated in Japan, female schacho and death by overwork.

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