Debunking the Demographics Irrelevance Proposition

In a seminal paper [1] from 1958, Franco Modigliani and Merton H Miller showed why investors should not care about whether firms were financed with debt or equity...

Pushing the Reset Button On Japan

The past week has showed the dark side of media coverage and analysis of current events and a test on just how much information you stuff down the public's throat.

Gold and the Punchbowl

I have used the metaphor of Japan as a bumblebee before and while I believe that the story on Japanese savings may just be a little more complicated than many believe...


The Future of the Euro

FX punters and other of their ilk are beginning to look to the Euro as a source of global liquidity to play the carry wheel in high yield economies.

Taking initiative to enhance the value of IIJ

A shareholder takes the initiative with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJI), a Japanese internet service provider.

The Soulless Organization

Fear ignites the survival instinct in even the most ambitious people.

The Buzz On The Japanese Economy

Popular myth and, allegedly, the laws of aerodynamics have it that the bumblebee should not be able to take flight.

Yet still, our good bumblebee refuses to be weighed down by such details and continues to take flight, oblivious to the controversy.

This allegory applies, with some imagination, to Japan's economy too.

Partners in Climb?

Jason de Luca on how to tell if you're in a healthy business relationship.

Checks And Balances

Post-Lehman crisis, work will never be the same for the CFO.


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