The Forex Report

The Fed's plans to print money sees the yen rally.


The Forex Report

It took a while, but Japan’s economic plight has hit the yen.


Japan inadvertently intervenes to soften yen

The yen is still “relatively” strong, but it has weakened by a pretty significant amount against the dollar, nearly 10 points, in recent weeks.

Thoughts on Nakagawa and on investing in Japan

Former Japanese Finance Minister Nakagawa should never have been at the press conference that did in his career, and now has the Japanese press gone mad discussing “reputation risk?”

Sparks of hope for financial industry

As well as the big sharks of the financial world, many smaller fish slip through the financial seas, quietly and unobtrusively doing their business, until they become big fish in their own right. One of these has been the SPARX Group, founded 20 years ago, based out of Japan, which had about JPY1.7 tln in assets under management in 2006. These assets are managed on behalf of a number of institutional investors, based on principles learned from George Soros by the SPARX founder, Shuhei Abe when Abe managed Soros’s Japanese investments.


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