Cultural communications Outside Which Country is the Biggest Source of Repeat Travelers to Japan? Who are the most desirable nationalities to target, on the basis of repeaters as a percentage of their country's population, proximity to Japan for travel convenience, and cultural factors. Terrie's Take Crowdfunding Takes Root in Japan In early 2014 the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (JFIEA) was amended to allow easier venture-based crowdfunding for investment. Japan now has more than 50 crowdfunding platforms. Terrie's Take
Hands The green revolution 2.0 As the world continues to dump down oil barrels prices, searching for new political collaborations and resource alternatives, shutting down nuclear plants and reinventing itself towards a greener path ... The view from the Osaka Sky Observatory at night How to get free Wi-Fi in Osaka The best way to get free Wi-Fi in Osaka is to stay in a Wi-Fi enabled hostel or hotel. Surprisingly, you are more likely to get free Wi-Fi at the cheaper accommodation providers, like Hana Hostel or J Hoppers. Transferring Talent Transferring Talent Japan’s shrinking population is nothing new, and with one in three people set to be over 65 by 2025, it can’t be ignored. Simply put, the difficulty is in keeping the economy moving as the work force shrinks and the number of domestic consumers drops.'s bloggers are selected using strict criteria. All conflicts of interest are mentioned. All opinions are those of the individuals.

Japan Buys Up US Treasuries

A victim of its own actions, yields on Japanese debt have been pinned near zero ever since the Bank of Japan embarked on its aggressive bond buying program. Europe isn’t much of an option too, as yields turned negative this year on the region’s own quantitative easing.

China Announces 2nd Rate Cut In 4 Months

On Saturday, the People's Bank of China announced that it will cut the benchmark deposit and loan interest rates by 25 basis points starting 1st March. That would put the one-year deposit rate at 2.5 percent and the one-year lending rate at 5.35 percent.

Greece Extends Lifeline

Eurozone finance ministers agreed to extend Greece’s bailout deal for another four months, provided it came up with a list of reforms by this week. Under the deal, Greece will still live under the EU/IMF bailout which Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras had pledged to scrap.

Crunch Time For Greece

This week, euro-area finance ministers prepare to reconvene in Brussels to try and break an impasse over financing Europe’s most indebted state, Greece.

Adventure Tourism is One Way to Unlock Regional Economies

One reason I got into the inbound travel business after the 3/11 earthquake was the desire to do something socially meaningful after having experienced how easily a disaster can disrupt our lives.

Unemployment Disease as a Foreigner in Japan. E-biz news from Japan.

Japan's recessions are not tied to the employment numbers in the same way as they are in the West. Rather, there are deeper systemic problems caused by cultural and demographic problems here.

How "Food Memories" Bring Travelers to Japan

A Surrey University paper discusses the concept of "food memories" and how past experience with a food significantly affects a tourist's attitude towards trying it again.

Sharp: How Not to Sell a Company in Japan. E-biz news in Japan.

Mr. Terry Gou, the CEO of Foxconn Technology Group (also known as Honhai) signed a JPY389bn deal to take control of Sharp, one of Japan's bedrock electronics firms.

Why is Chinese Per-visitor Spending Starting to Fall?

The Nikkei newspaper started running articles about the peaking of the inbound tourism income bubble, pointing out that since the end of 2015 there has been a downwards shift in per-visitor tourist spending.