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Kyoto university chief admits dining with gang boss

February 19, 2017 - 23:22
A university hospital chief accused of falsifying a diagnosis report for a yakuza boss to keep him out of prison admitted they dined together several times, TV Asahi reported on Saturday (
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Tokyo school officials: Food poisoning likely after over 940 fall ill

February 19, 2017 - 23:09
Education officials in Tachikawa City revealed on Sunday that over 940 students and teachers suffered food-poisoning symptoms last week, with the outbreak likely being due to the eating of tainted school lunches. (
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Japanese school to use anti-bullying app

February 19, 2017 - 22:51
An elementary school in western Japan says it plans to use a software application to prevent online bullying. (NHK)
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Osaka kindergarten hands out copies of statement slurring ethnic Koreans, Chinese

February 16, 2017 - 21:56
A kindergarten in Osaka city handed out to parents copies of a statement slurring Korean residents in Japan and Chinese people, and its officials were recently questioned for suspected hate speech as a result, prefectural government officials said Thursday. (Japan Today)
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Nursery schools should encourage familiarity with flag, anthem: guidelines

February 15, 2017 - 11:23
Children over the age of 3 should be "familiar" with the national flag and the national anthem, according to draft new guidelines for operating public and private nursery schools. (Japan Times)
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English learning in Japan to begin earlier under new guidelines

February 14, 2017 - 12:05
Japan's education ministry unveiled revised curriculum guidelines Tuesday that call for introducing English at an earlier stage in elementary schools. (Kyodo)
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25% of Japan's stalkers took up police advice for therapy

February 14, 2017 - 04:23
Among stalkers in Japan who were advised by prefectural police departments in April-December last year to consult doctors and counselors, offenders in 25 percent of all cases followed the recommendations, data from the National Police Agency show. (Japan Times)
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Yokohama board changes its view on Fukushima boy bullying

February 13, 2017 - 21:50
The Yokohama board of education has changed its view on the bullying of a boy who evacuated to the eastern Japan city from the nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima Prefecture, the board's leader said Monday. (Jiji)
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Central Japan teacher blamed in boy's suicide note

February 13, 2017 - 21:48
A municipal junior high school student in the central Japan city of Ichinomiya who jumped to death last week blamed his teacher in his suicide note, it was learned Monday. (Jiji)
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No sad endings for Japan's virtual romance fans

February 11, 2017 - 23:19
Japanese book editor Miho Takeshita is having an affair. But the recently married 30-year-old is not worried about getting caught-her boyfriend only exists on a smartphone.


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New picture map of Edo Castle found in western Japan

February 8, 2017 - 22:05
The city government of Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, western Japan, said Wednesday a picture map has been found that depicts Edo Castle and its surrounding areas in the early 17th century. (Jiji)
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World's best school lunch

February 8, 2017 - 21:57
School lunches in Japan are world famous for being super healthy and delicious. With extremely low childhood obesity rates, many have turned to Japan for solutions to feed their school aged kids in the cafeteria. (ONLY in JAPAN )
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Ex-top education official admits 'amakudari' scheme entrenched

February 7, 2017 - 10:52
A former top bureaucrat with the education ministry admitted Tuesday that the ministry had been systematically involved in seeking new jobs for retiring public servants. (Japan Times)
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Shogi players elect new head following scandal

February 6, 2017 - 20:00
The leading organization of Shogi, a Japanese board game that is sometimes likened to chess, has chosen a new president following a controversy over allegations of software-assisted cheating. (NHK)
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Music copyright fees to be collected from piano, guitar schools

February 5, 2017 - 00:25
Japan's music copyright management organization plans to collect copyright fees beginning in January 2018 from schools teaching students to play the piano, guitar and other instruments for their use of music to teach. (Japan Today)
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Too close for school: Opening of yakuza office in Yamaguchi leads to arrest of boss

February 1, 2017 - 09:48
Yamaguchi Prefectural Police have arrested the boss of an organized crime group over the alleged opening of an office for the gang at a location in Shimonoseki City near a school, reports NHK. (
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Forestry colleges increasing in Japan amid shortage of workers

February 1, 2017 - 09:41
Japan is suffering a severe shortage of forestry workers at a time when many trees planted after World War II have grown enough and now need to be cut down. (Japan Times)
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Over 700 sick after eating school lunches in Wakayama

January 28, 2017 - 22:17
Over 700 students and teachers were sickened after eating school lunches in Gobo City, officials said on Friday. (
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Osaka dig yields 140 tombs believed dating to Yayoi Period

January 27, 2017 - 00:04
The Osaka Center for Cultural Heritage and others said Thursday that they have found more than 140 ancient tombs at two neighboring ruins in the city of Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture. (Japan Times)
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Apps aim to make English learning easier, more fun

January 25, 2017 - 23:16
For the many people who may set a New Year's goal of learning English, it's a good idea to take advantage of smartphone applications to learn in one's spare time. (
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