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Man gets suspended sentence in 1st trial over revenge porn

May 25, 2015 - 16:28
The Fukushima District Court on Monday sentenced a 33-year-old man to 18 months in prison, suspended for three years, for distributing naked photos of a female friend-a practice known as revenge porn. (Japan Today)
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2 men arrested after body of woman found wrapped in blanket in Nagasaki park

May 25, 2015 - 16:22
Police in Fukuoka said Monday that two men have been arrested after the body of a woman wrapped in a blanket was found in a park in Nagasaki on Sunday morning. (Japan Today)
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Body found buried confirmed to be missing 21-year-old Tochigi woman

May 25, 2015 - 05:08
Tochigi Prefectural Police on Sunday confirmed that a body discovered on a property in Mooka City is that of a 21-year-old woman who went missing last month, reports the Sankei Shimbun. (Tokyo Reporter)
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Society helps sustain Japan's sordid sexual trade in schoolgirls

May 24, 2015 - 23:21
When you hear the expression "JK business," do you have any idea what kind of work this refers to? JK stands for joshi kōsei (high school girls). In Japan, JK is a very powerful brand - and high school girls are a highly valued commodity. (Japan Times)
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16 customers, staff sickened by fumes at Niigata izakaya

May 24, 2015 - 23:11
Sixteen customers and staff were taken to hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning at an "izakaya" in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture. (Japan Today)
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Man admits flushing remains of wife down supermarket toilet

May 24, 2015 - 23:08
A Japanese man turned himself in to authorities after trying to flush the ashes of his "hated" dead wife down a supermarket toilet, reports and police said on Sunday. (Japan Today)
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Donations sought to restore Mito Castle

May 24, 2015 - 22:55
The Mito city government is seeking donations from companies and individuals to help restore major parts of Mito Castle: the Otemon main gate, the Ninomaru Sumiyagura watch tower within the outer structures of the castle and the castle walls. (The Japan News)
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Local governments curbing drones

May 24, 2015 - 22:46
About half of the nation's 47 prefectural and 20 ordinance-designated city governments have prohibited or are considering a ban on drone flights in locations that attract large numbers of people, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. (The Japan News)
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2 yakuza shot in Okayama, gunman wanted

May 24, 2015 - 08:24
Okayama Prefectural Police have launched an attempted murder investigation following the shooting of two organized crime members outside a hostess club in Tamano City early Saturday morning, reports the Sankei Shimbun. (Tokyo Reporter)
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Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa wins Cannes director prize

May 24, 2015 - 08:17
Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa was given the best director prize Saturday in the Un Certain Regard section of the annual Cannes International Film Festival. (Kyodo)
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Man arrested for assaulting common-law wife's 6-year-old son

May 24, 2015 - 00:08
Police in Tokyo's Adachi Ward have arrested a 42-year-old man on suspicion of abusing the six-year-old son of his common-law wife. (Japan Today)
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Tokyo police bust 2 Kabukicho clubs for overcharging

May 22, 2015 - 13:15
In a crackdown on overcharging of customers, Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday announced the bust of two hostess clubs in Shinjuku Ward for overcharging customers, reports the TBS News (May 22). (Tokyo Reporter)
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Man arrested for threatening Princess Kako online

May 21, 2015 - 23:20
Police said Thursday they have arrested an unemployed 43-year-old man on suspicion of posting an online threat against Princess Kako. (Japan Today)
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3 teenagers indicted over murder of boy in Kawasaki

May 21, 2015 - 23:13
Public prosecutors indicted three male teenagers Thursday over the high-profile murder of a 13-year-old boy in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo. (Jiji Press)
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Dogs bite 2 pedestrians; owner arrested for negligence

May 21, 2015 - 13:53
Police in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward have arrested the 82-year-old owner of six dogs after they got loose on April 12 and bit two pedestrians, inflicting minor injuries. (Japan Today)
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Driver who killed cyclist in crosswalk accident found not guilty, causes controversy in Japan

May 21, 2015 - 13:48
Pedestrian crosswalk laws are all over the place no matter where you go. What's considered jaywalking varies by country, and in the U.S. each state has its own laws for exactly how far the pedestrian needs to have crossed on the crosswalk before you have to stop. (
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PAC-MAN 35th birthday celebrants set record

May 21, 2015 - 09:01
Some 350 Tokyoites clad in yellow raincoats set a world record Thursday for the largest human image of PAC-MAN, in honor of the video game character's 35th birthday. (NHK)
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Yakuza debt collector arrested for threatening Tokyo taxi chief

May 21, 2015 - 08:54
Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Thursday announced the arrest of an organized crime member for threatening the head of a taxi firm in Nerima Ward, reports TV Asahi (May 21). (Tokyo Reporter)
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Teen arrested over alleged plan to fly drone over shrine festival in Tokyo

May 21, 2015 - 04:54
A 15-year-old boy known to police for flying drones in crowded places was arrested Thursday on suspicion of planning to fly one of the devices at a Tokyo festival. (Japan Times)
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Yakuza, bosozoku members arrested for Tokyo brawl

May 21, 2015 - 04:51
Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Wednesday announced the arrest of multiple organized crime and motorcycle gang members for participation in a brawl that erupted last year in Kita Ward, reports the Sankei Shimbun (May 20). (Tokyo Reporter)
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