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Japan's annual dolphin slaughter begins at Taiji cove

September 2, 2014 - 04:45
The controversial six-month dolphin hunting season began on Monday in the infamous town of Taiji, but bad weather would delay any killing, a local official told AFP. (The Guardian)
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Sapporo cops bust 'girl's' restaurant for bikini uniforms

September 2, 2014 - 02:54
Hokkaido Prefectural Police on Monday accused a restaurant in Chuo Ward of violating labor laws by attiring waitresses under the age of 18 in bikinis, reports the Hokkaido Shimbun (Sept. 2). (Tokyo Reporter)
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3-year-old boy dies after being thrown against wall by mother

September 1, 2014 - 23:51
Police in Tamamura, Gunma Prefecture, said Monday they have arrested a 32-year-old woman over the death of her 3-year-old son. (Japan Today)
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Man who dismembered mother goes on trial

September 1, 2014 - 23:49
A 20-year-old man went on trial Monday for killing his mother and chopping her body into pieces. (Japan Today)
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Anti-disaster sirens left unused in Hiroshima

September 1, 2014 - 23:40
NHK has learned that sirens set up to alert residents against possible disasters were not used in key areas when massive rain hit Hiroshima City last month and triggered deadly mudslides. (NHK)
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Prosecutors decide not to indict ex-Tokushukai head

September 1, 2014 - 22:39
The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on Monday decided not to indict Torao Tokuda, former head of hospital group Tokushukai, over a high-profile election fraud case, because he is seriously ill. (The Japan News)
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Man killed in Osaka residence; nextdoor neighbor arrested

September 1, 2014 - 06:19
Police in Osaka said Monday they have arrested a 53-year-old man on suspicion of killing his neighbor in an apartment building in Higashinari Ward. (Japan Today)
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Japan porn queens raise thousands of dollars for Aids prevention at 'Boob Aid' charity event

August 31, 2014 - 12:35
A group of Japanese porn actresses raised tens of thousands of dollars at the weekend by having their breasts squeezed by fans at a "Boob Aid" charity event for Aids prevention. (
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Hiroshima city partially lifts evacuation advisories, orders

August 31, 2014 - 05:27
The Hiroshima city government on Sunday lifted evacuation advisories and orders issued for about 106,000 people in the mudslide-hit city. (Kyodo)
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World media rush to report 'Hello Kitty is not a cat'

August 31, 2014 - 00:16
Media reports that Sanrio Co.'s popular character Hello Kitty is "not a cat" have swirled across the globe, following a U.S. newspaper story. (Jiji Press)
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Tohoku revival festival starts in Paris

August 31, 2014 - 00:13
A two-day festival to highlight the charm of Japan's Tohoku region started in a park in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Saturday morning to help reconstruction of the region devastated by the massive earthquake and tsunami some three years ago. (Jiji Press)
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Japanese man found dead in Hudson possibly shot in head

August 31, 2014 - 00:07
The body of a Japanese man was found floating in the Hudson River last week and may have been shot in the head, according to the New York City Police Department and Consulate General of Japan in New York. (Japan Times)
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Search continues 10 days after Hiroshima mudslides

August 30, 2014 - 10:16
The search continues for people missing in last week's devastating landslides in western Japan. Officials have identified 72 bodies, but 2 people remain missing. (NHK)
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Japan executes yakuza boss behind three murders

August 30, 2014 - 00:01
A yakuza boss convicted of three murders was executed by Japanese authorities Friday, a rare case of a member of the Japanese mafia receiving the death penalty. (Wall Street Journal)
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Japan councillor's drug trial in China ends

August 29, 2014 - 23:57
The Chinese trial of a Japanese city politician for drug trafficking has ended with prosecutors asking for a sentence ranging from 15 years to death, reports said. (
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Japan fearing toilet paper panic urges public to stockpile

August 29, 2014 - 23:54
Japan's bureaucrats don't want the nation to be caught with its pants down the next time toilet paper supplies run short after a natural disaster. (
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Academy to honor Hayao Miyazaki

August 29, 2014 - 02:43
The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Thursday it has picked anime director Hayao Miyazaki as one of three recipients of its Honorary Award this year. (Japan Times)
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Probe of Ghana diplomat likely to end

August 28, 2014 - 22:44
Tokyo police are likely to effectively conclude their investigation into Ghana's ambassador to Japan, who is suspected of being involved in illegal gambling operations. (NHK)
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Japanese 24yo who fathered 15 children via surrogacy will likely take them from Thailand

August 28, 2014 - 12:11
A 24-year-old multimillionaire who fathered 15 children via surrogacy in Thailand will likely be able to take them from the country. (ABC)
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Police probe guide dog stabbing in Saitama

August 28, 2014 - 02:36
Police are investigating the stabbing of a guide dog in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo in July during its owner's commute to work, investigators said Thursday. (Kyodo)
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