Japan's troubling lack of romance

Japan Society News - July 5, 2015 - 00:17
Nearly 40 percent of single people in their 20s and 30s do not want a romantic partner, according to a survey by the Cabinet Office released in June. The survey was included in a government white paper on Japan's notoriously low birthrate that also found 46.2 percent of singles claiming that relationships were "bothersome." (Japan Times)
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5 students arrested over death of classmate in Ibaraki

Japan Education News - July 4, 2015 - 23:57
Two more students have been arrested over the death of a student in Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture, bringing the total number of arrests in the case to five, police said. (Japan Today)
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Ex-Aum cult member Kikuchi appeals 5-year jail sentence

Japan Society News - July 4, 2015 - 23:53
Former Aum Shinrikyo cult member Naoko Kikuchi, 43, has filed an appeal against a five-year prison term handed down to her by the Tokyo District Court on June 29. (Japan Today)
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Ex-NHK exec arrested for import of drugs

Japan Society News - July 4, 2015 - 23:51
A drug control division of the health ministry on Saturday announced the arrest of a former executive of public broadcaster NHK for the importation of so-called "dangerous drugs," reports the Sankei Shimbun (July 4). (Tokyo Reporter)
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World Heritage decision put off to Sunday

Japan Politics News - July 4, 2015 - 23:46
The UNESCO World Heritage Committee is expected to put off to Sunday its decision on whether to add sites related to Japan's Meiji era industrial revolution to the World Heritage list, government sources said Saturday. (The Japan News)
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JAZA plans rules on drive-hunted dolphins

Japan Sci-Tech News - July 4, 2015 - 23:44
The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums plans to introduce a policy of imposing punishments, such as expulsion, on member institutions that continue to accept dolphins captured by traditional drive fishing, it was learned Friday. (The Japan News)
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United States v. Japan: Preview - Women's World Cup Final

Japan Sports News - July 4, 2015 - 23:38
On Sunday, July 5 2015, the United States and Japan will battle for the championship in the World Cup Final soccer match. Contest time: 6 p.m. central/7 p.m. eastern. Read any preview for the Women's World Cup final between the United States and Japan, and you will see words like revenge, retribution, or payback. (sounderatheart.com)
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Japan pledges $6.1bn aid to 'Mekong Five'

Japan Politics News - July 4, 2015 - 23:33
Japan on Saturday pledged $6.1 billion in financial aid to the "Mekong Five" countries as it pushes infrastructure exports and courts influence in a region where rival China has an increasing presence. (arabnews.com)
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Solar plane lands in Hawaii after record-breaking flight

Japan Sci-Tech News - July 3, 2015 - 23:51
A plane powered by the sun's rays landed in Hawaii Friday after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean from Japan. (AP)
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Body of decapitated cat found in Tokyo's Itabashi Ward

Japan Society News - July 3, 2015 - 23:48
The body of a decapitated cat was found in the bicycle parking lot of an apartment building in Tokyo's Itabashi Ward on Thursday, police said. (Japan Today)
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Tokyo cops bust Yushima pachinko parlor

Japan Society News - July 3, 2015 - 23:45
Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Friday announced the raid of a pachinko parlor operating illegally in Bunkyo Ward, reports Nippon News Network (July 3) . (Tokyo Reporter)
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J-pop star Utada gives birth to baby boy, hints at return to music

Japan Society News - July 3, 2015 - 23:42
Pop star Hikaru Utada said on her official website Friday that she just gave birth to a baby boy. (Japan Times)
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