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What are "Online Extras"?

Sometimes, an article doesn't quite match the magazine's editorial benchmarks, but is still worth reading. Or the focus may be too narrow, and of interest to only a small percentage of readers (even though it would be of great interest to those). Often, an article or interview gets condensed because of space restrictions. And sometimes, an otherwise good article just gets squeezed out of an issue, but can grow stale waiting for another open slot. So we've made these articles a home on cjweb for our readers.

Recent Additions

Special IT Recruiting Supplement new!
(from Sept. 99 issue)
High tech learning the Edunomics way
(from Aug. 99 issue, expanded version)

Continuing education and distance learning resources
(from Aug. 99 issue, expanded version)

NASDAQ Japan - Can it repeat the US success story?
(from Aug. 99 issue, expanded version)

WebTV Browser Specs

My Favorite Home Pages

Ken Cotton, VP, Tokyo PC Users Group
Roger Boisvert, president/founder, Global Online
Brian Nelson,research director, Gallup Tokyo
Vincent Gebes,Representative Director,PSINet Japan KK
Wm. Auckerman,Former Editor,Computing Japan


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