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The Industry that Jim Built

We all know how dependent the PC industry is on Microsoft and Intel. The continued health and growth of even the largest PC vendors are subject to the launch of new generations of faster chips and upgraded systems and applications that take advantage of the increased speed. But did you know that Bill and Andy are in turn equally dependent on the launch of Jim's upgrades?

by John Boyd

Cancer Information Website Goes Online

Be it Christmas, New Year's, or Oshogatsu, the end-of-year holidays are never as joy-filled for those suffering from cancer. However, those in Japan fighting the dreaded disease received a very nice Christmas present in 1999; Internet-based access to those going through the same fight.

by Thomas Caldwell

Y2K notes from Gilligan's Isle

Just one day to go before the end of the world so I thought I'd drop you a line while I can. If that nasty Y2K bug lives up to its reputation, I might not be able to send you an update on January 1. But then again, if worse comes to worst, you'll be too busy fending off those errant Russian ICBMs and won't have much time to be browsing the CJ Online site anyway.

by Jeff Wildgen

The coming revolution of Telematics

The term "telematics" is not yet widely recognized, but in the coming years, those connected with the automobile industry--among others--will start hearing it more often. In fact, telematics--the combination of applied telecommunications technology with computers to control electric, electronic, and mechanical functions--is going to change the definition of the automobile as a product, and the nature of automobile assemblers as manufacturers and marketers of motor vehicles. The economic and business implications of this are enormous, and they promise to create no less than a revolution in the automobile industry.

by Aaron M. Cohen
Technology and the teenager: living electronically in Tokyo

Computers, TV, portable MP3 players, DVD, Gameboys, e-mail, the Web. Those of us working with consumer-end high tech--designing it, programming it, or reporting on it--sometimes forget how the stock in trade of our daily work life is actually used by the folks "out there."

by Maya Hall

Assaulting Japan's connectivity market--from NYC

It's Friday morning and I'm on the phone with Kiho Shin. He lives on the information superhighway in a way that most of us can just dream about. His Wall Street, Manhattan apartment is in a building wired with fiber optic cable. "The T-1 line is $100 per month," he says, "and I get two IP addresses." For Web professionals, it's difficult to beat that price. It's so cheap to do a Web business from the United States--why set up shop in Tokyo?

by Alex Goldman
COMDEX '99 Is the trade show dead in Japan?
by Hugh Ashton

Breaking the FOUR PERCENT Barrier
by Gail Nakada

CORBA - The IT Garage
by Dirk Slama and John Sachen

Certifying the class of '99
by Hugh Ashton

Maybe the Japanese DO get the Net?
by Hugh Ashton

Avoiding the icebergs with SunSystems
by Hugh Ashton

Severe Civil and Criminal Penalties
by Tim Romero

NetWorld+Interop Report

by Thomas Caldwell



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