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Welcome to Computing Japan magazine online, the premier website of business information technology in Japan.

At CJ Online, we're working to bring you the best and latest in Japan IT-related news, views, and information. We've recently redesigned the site to make it easier to access, navigate, and search -- to help you gain insight into the Japan IT scene.

Like you, we remain somewhat skeptical of the strident claims and conflicting technology information cascading out of Japan, but we remain enthusiastic about this market, the world's second largest, and we think that once you've been with us for a while, you'll understand why we think this is a land of opportunity. Hardware & software prices are steadily coming down, Japan's networking boom is finally happening, the country is on track to see the world's first launch of 3G mobile data services, and the Japanese are slowly starting to get the Net.

From ERP to network OSs, from Pentiums to SDRAMs, and from optical fiber to robot dogs that bark, our promise to you is simple: we'll do our best to filter and sort the terabytes of Japan IT info that comes at you daily into news and information that you can use to work smarter and better.

And while you're at it, remember to sign up for the Computing Japan NewsNet weekly e-mail newsletter, at It'll be your first step to becoming a Japan IT "old hand."

Daniel Scuka
Managing Editor
Computing Japan Magazine

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