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Roger BoisvertRoger Boisvert
President and Founder Global Online

Roger says his list of favorite sites focuses on the homepages he enjoys the most, not necessarily the ones he visits most often. Still, he couldn't resist getting in one work-related plug to lead off the list.
Obviously, for business purposes my company's homepage is one that I visit often. I have both Netscape and IE4 open automatically to my personalized homepage there; the site listed here is the public one.
Second to my main business needs is the Dilbert homepage. I try to hit this site once a day, but I generally get to it only about three times a week (when I have the rare, occasional bit of free time).
Having lived in Japan for 16 years, I find my native language capabilities declining; I often have to look up words and phrases that I used to know. This is the absolute best page I've seen for that; it allows searching for words through many online dictionaries around the world, in dozens of different languages, and has links to multilingual and specialized dictionaries, thesauruses, and other vocabulary aids.
Although I've been so long in Japan, I still love the sounds of the country I grew up in: Canada. Before our family got its first TV, at the ripe age of five I was already a radio addict. Some of the radio shows I grew up listening to in my home town (St. Catharines, Ontario) are still on the air, and accessible through this site. As I type this, I'm listening to a live CBC radio broadcast -- something I often do when working late at the office with no one else around.
I spend a lot of time doing research, and using a lot of search engines. This is my current favorite.
One of the most useful pages I use often is a simple scan, saved in file format and posted to my personal homepage: a Tokyo subway map.Since I find myself traveling a lot during the day, and tend to use the subway more than any other mode of transportation, this is a useful reference.
Way, way back, when I was just learning about computers, I joined the Tokyo PC Users Group. There were many other members willing to put in time and effort to help beginners like me if we asked politely for help. Not much later I found myself running the TPC BBS. I miss those days, but I don't miss having to dial a separate phone number to reach the TPC BBS and its helpful postings. Recently, TPC put up a news server on the Internet, and this site of the TPC newsgroups is one of those places I like to visit. It's not a homepage, but just put the above entry in your news server listing (and be sure to join TPC if you want to get full benefit).*

Every once in a while, I like to get away from business, especially when traveling. Prior to a trip, I usually go to this site and download a book or two. The collection of books online here is amazing. I can't begin to guess how much time and effort has been put into gathering, cataloging, and indexing.
This is another good place to check for books.
It's late in the day; I'm tired, and ready for a break. I've always enjoyed relaxing with the Capitol Steps, a Washington-based group who do some insanely wonderful songs. With RealAudio, or SUN/AU formats, you can enjoy some of their gems, like "The Chap Who Tried to Chew You" (Chattanooga Choo-Choo), or "Rolling Kidney Stones" (a Stones old-age medley). And given that Chelsea Clinton is now a college freshman, they did a special song called "White House Hotel" (Heartbreak Hotel).

(*For those who would like to learn more about newsgroups and how they work, please send email toKen Cotton, VP, Tokyo PC Users Group.--Webmaster)

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