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Vincent GebesVincent Gebes
Representative Director
PSINet Japan KK

Vincent Gebes has served as general manager of PSINet Japan since Sept. 1995, and was a senior IP technologist with AT&T Jens prior to that. In February of this year, Vince was promoted to the Board of Directors of PSINet Japan KK and selected as representative director by the PSINet Board.
Japanese search engine site; a good starting point
Looking for information in Japanese can be pretty challenging sometimes, but Infoseek does a great job of categorizing and listing useful content on the site. I also find that in many cases this search engine gives more useful results than others for Japanese content.
Japanese news site; great overall content and layout
As you might expect, Nikkei has excellent coverage of Japanese news events, both financial and otherwise. A link to English-language news on the top page makes it easy to get English summaries of top stories from Japan and around Asia.
Multiplayer Net gaming (as if I ever have time)
It's hard to make time to relax some days, but if you get a chance, check out MPlayer. This is one of the best multiplayer game sites on the Net.

Security/hacking magazine; a must for network security folksPhrack is a magazine for people interested in computer security, or the lack thereof. This is a great source of information about security issues in phone and computer networks, and a good reference to both traditional and new "hacking" techniques.

Best way to keep up with your favorite Stateside sports
As a big basketball fan, it's tough for me not being able to follow what's going on in college and pro basketball in the US. ESPN is the best sports site I've found, with a great balance of news and features.
Excerpts from Telecosm; a must read
George Gilder's Telecosm is an inspiring look at telecomputing and where the exploding availability of bandwidth might take us. These excerpts are a great read for anyone with an interest in the Net and the forces that will shape its growth.
The best place for books on the Net
It's amazing how quickly Amazon has grown into the premier storefront on the Web. Then again, with the endless selection of titles, reviews, interviews, and other reader services, it's not amazing at all.  This is a great site for anyone who reads.

An automatic complaint generator; hilarious
The complaint generator is a fun page where you can automatically build a complaint about your best friend. A one-of-a-kind page.

Omni magazine; for science buffs
Omni has done a great job with its Internet site. Loads of interesting articles about science, nature, and space; even a walking tour of the Titanic in 3D.

Need I say more?
Once a day, I need a "perspective break." The Dilbert page archives a month's worth of the comics, just in case you miss one.

The oldest and best cybermagazine
Hotwired still has the best collection of cybernews that I have found. News, features, and online tools to help get more out of the Web, all with that very "wired" look and feel.

US government news by C-SPAN
C-SPAN Online lets you keep track of what's happening in Washington, DC, through written features as well as 24-hour netcasting (using Real Video) of both C-SPAN television channels

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