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Advertising Opportunities

Classified ads

A classified ad in Computing Japan is a low-cost way to reach your target audience. We offer:

  • highly competitive rates,
  • a targeted audience of managers, IT professionals, and power users, and
  • month-long coverage in a quality publication that becomes a regular reference.

If your company is seeking a bilingual IT manager or technical specialist, or simply looking for a cost-effective means to publicize a new product, a Computing Japan classifieds can be your path to success.

Supplement Your Ad With Inserts

To supplement your magazine ad, we can arrange to have your company flier or a pre-paid postcard inserted into all copies, or only in selected magazines (such as subscriber mailings or airline copies). This is also ideal for companies to use in international trade shows; it saves on show printing costs and provides an attractive premium for passersby

Convenient Reader Response

Each issue of the magazine contains a postage-paid advertiser information request card and faxable information request page. These response forms enable readers to easily indicate their interest in your products or services. We receive and collate these request cards and pages in our office and supply you with responses to your ad on a monthly or biweekly basis.

Mailing Lists for DM Campaigns

The Computing Japan subscriber mailing list as well as additional address lists containing thousands of names in Japan and North America are available for sale (on disk) or rental (as preprinted labels). We can supply you with a selection of target names for your direct mail campaign or assist you to reach potential customers on other ways (such as by fax).

Easy Access to Japanese Readers

If you wish to reach both Japanese- and English-speaking audiences, take advantage of our unique EasyAccess advertising package. EasyAccess enables you to advertise your products or services in an appropriate Japanese-language magazine while dealing with us entirely in English. Place your English ad in Computing Japan, and we'll handle all ad translation and production, and even book space in the selected Japanese magazines. Get access to the Japanese market at a price much cheaper than you'll find elsewhere. We'll also compile incoming information requests in English and forward the responses to you biweekly.

B&W text (logo only)
(all prices in Japanese yen)

1 page 210,000
1/2 page 130,000
1/3 page 95,000
1/4 page 80,000
1/6 page 65,000
Rates available in US$ and other select currencies.

For more information on our special ad discounts and seasonal campaigns, please contact our Sales Department. Email:
Tel:+81-(0)3-3499-2099, Fax: +81-(0)3-3499-2199.

Discounts for multiple insertions

Four-color ads

Size Four-color Black and White
Two-page spread (175%) 960,000 N/A
1 page (100%) 550,000 385,000
2/3 page (75%) 410,000 275,000
1/2 page (60%) 330,000 210,000
1/3 page (40%) 220,000 165,000
1/4 page (33%) 180,000 125,000
1/6 page (25%) 135,000 95,000

Special position surcharges
(added to the above rates)

Position Cost
Back cover 250,000
Inside front cover, 2-pg 220,000
Inside back cover, 2-pg 150,000
Center spread 100,000
Inside front cover² 200,000
Inside back cover² 160,000
Specified interior page² 20,000

Custom production surcharges

(added to the above rates)

Double gatefold (8 pp.) 500,000
Gatefold (4 pp.) 360,000

Discounts for multiple issue insertions

No. of issues % discount
1 issue +10%
3 issues Base
6 issues -5%
12 issues -10%
24 issues -30%

1. The rate for a two-page spread is 1.75 times the price of a single page (e.g., ¥960,000 for one issue). In principle, a four-page spread is 3.2 times the price of a single page (e.g., ¥1,760,000 for one issue), and an eight-page spread is 5.2 times the price of a single page (e.g., ¥2,860,000 for one issue).
2. A request for placement of a two-page spread will take precedence over a single-page request. The listed placement price guarantees that no full-page ad will be placed on the facing page.

Advertising deadlines and film sizes
Advertising terms and conditions

Internet-based advertising

Computing Japan's World Wide Web pages ( are a popular source of information about the Japanese business, computer and IT markets. The number of "hits" (individual accesses) have been increasing steadily since we set up our site in October of 1996, and is now averaging 15,000 hits per week (A great count for an English site in Japan).

We offer a variety of Internet-based ad opportunities:

  • Your company banner in a prominent "box" at the top of our main homepage. This box links to your own corporate Web pages or to a specially designed advertisement page.
  • A sponsorship "banner" displayed across the top of one of our other Web pages, also with a link to your own Web pages or ad page.
  • A text-only ad in our easily accessible Web-based Classified ads section, with a link to your company's Web pages.

Web-page advertisements:

  • Box, 100,000 JPN
  • Banner, 75,000 JPN
  • Text classified (up to 10 job slots) 100,000 yen per month OR 70,000 yen per month (at least 2 months' contract)

Ask about our discount package for combined (magazine and Web-based) ads.



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