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Advertising terms and conditiond

These terms shall govern all advertisements accepted by Computing Japan. No exceptions, amendments, or additions shall apply unless agreed to in writing by the publisher or editor-in-chief.

Ad placement

Computing Japan reserves the right to refuse, omit, or move any advertisement should the need arise, at its sole discretion and judgment. In such case, no claim from the advertiser for loss or damage will be entertained. Acceptance of an ad does not constitute a commitment to publish, nor guarantee continued publication in subsequent issues.

Advertisements for a specific issue, or a specified location within an issue, are accepted on a space-available basis. When multiple advertisers request a specific position, the larger ad size shall take precedence. For ads of equal size, the first signed contract shall receive preference.

Change of desired issue, cancellation of an ad, positioning instructions, and other special requests must be made before the relevant deadlines.

If an advertiser's ad film or digital file is not ready by deadline, or if the submitted materials have problems that cannot be corrected by deadline, Computing Japan may omit the ad or reprint the advertiser's previous ad at its sole discretion. In such instances, the advertiser agrees to pay all fees in full.

Quality and content

Both ad text and illustrations must be of an acceptable level, as judged by the editor-in-chief. Computing Japan reserves the right to reject an advertisement and/or require changes in any advertisement that it considers to be sub-standard, with the cost of such changes to be paid by the advertiser.

Advertisers must be prepared to fully substantiate any claims made in their advertisement to the satisfaction of the editor-in-chief. Comparatives (e.g. "Better than Brand A.") and superlatives ("The cheapest prices in Tokyo.") are discouraged, but will be accepted subject to proper documentation.

Employment advertising must name the company and/or person seeking the candidates, and may not discriminate based on an applicant's sex, religion, nationality, or age.

Advertising that simulates editorial content ("advertext") shall carry the word ADVERTISEMENT at the top in at least 8-point type.


Computing Japan cannot accept claims for errors caused by inadequate instructions or acts of third parties. Reimbursement for consequential loss will not exceed the value of the contracted space.

The Advertiser and/or its advertising agency specifically indemnifies Computing Japan, LINC Japan Ltd., and its affiliates and employees against any and all liabilities, losses, expenses, or claims arising from publication of the advertisement. This shall include claims of libel, infringements of copyright, unfair competition, and other infringements of rights or actionable matters. Further, the Advertiser warrants that its advertisement does not contravene applicable Japanese laws.

Computing Japan shall hold the advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly and severally liable for any moneys due and payable to the magazine for requested advertising.


Insertion orders must be made on Computing Japan pro forma contracts.

Advertising materials will be returned to the owner upon request, at the owner's expense. Requests for return of materials must be made at the time of submission.

Upon request, Computing Japan or its printer will store repeat-use advertising materials for up to 6 months after initial use. If return or storage is not requested, materials will be disposed of at Computing Japan's discretion.

Computing Japan will endeavor to provide each advertiser an opportunity to view a color proof before final printing. The advertiser must make arrangements to view the ad at the appointed time and place. Changes or corrections cannot be guaranteed, however, and the full expense for any requested changes not attributable to mistakes by Computing Japan or its prepress subcontractor will be borne by the advertiser.

The Advertiser agrees that any contract made with Computing Japan is governed solely by the laws of Japan. Any dispute arising in connection with such agreement shall be subject to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Payment terms

Multiple-issue discounts apply only if the full ad series is completed. An advertiser who cancels before completion of a series will be billed a surcharge equivalent to the difference for full rate for the number of insertions actually run.

Any cancellation made after the space deadline, but before the film deadline, will be subject to a penalty equivalent to 25% of the contracted price. Cancellations must be made in writing; any ad not canceled by the film deadline will be subject to the full ad space fee, even if it cannot be run.

Advertisers are liable for all international and/or local bank charges, if applicable. Payment may be made by bank transfer, yen check, cash, or credit card.

At its sole discretion, Computing Japan may require advance payment or an initial check through a credit agency.

Invoices will be sent to advertisers (or their representative) on or before the 1st of the month of issue, and will bear a due date of no later than the 28th of the month of issue. Any account outstanding after the due date will forfeit all contracted discounts, and interest at the rate of 3% per month will be charged.

Computing Japan offers a 5% discount for advance payment (payment before the publication date), and a 3% discount for early payment (within two weeks after the invoice date).

Payment terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Computing Japan.



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