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Net Year 1999: A time of change, challenge, and choice
Broods of new Internet companies sprang up and proliferated in Japan throughout 1999, befitting their zodiac sign: The Year of the Rabbit. Established businesses, meanwhile--with Softbank being the outstanding example--burrowed ever deeper into the world of cybernetworked warrens, creating new e-commerce services--even an electronic stock exchange.
By John Boyd

de Garis on the future-
Do cyberwars await an unwary humanity?

What does a "mad scientist" look like? Members of the Kaisha Society got their chance to find out when Dr. Hugo de Garis, the cosmopolitan artificial intelligence expert and doommeister extraordinary, made his presentation on the evolution of artificial intelligences early in December.
by Hugh Ashton

Fujitsu goes ASP
The Japanese giants slowly wake up to the Net

Although the electronics giant Fujitsu is altering direction, to a more software- and Internet-based strategy, the general public may not be aware of this change. The problem may actually be that Fujitsu has been too successful in the past, selling its hugely popular line of computers. As a result, the company is not typically identified with software, even though it has sold software in the past--usually bundled with mainframe computers. In short, software sales on their own have not formed a large part of the public perception of Fujitsu, especially overseas.
by Hugh Ashton Turning IPR into gold
Sometimes, the best thing that can happen to us is that we don't get what we desire. That's been the case with US inventor Nir Kossovsky. After he was thwarted from licensing intellectual property that he himself had created, he became motivated to build a global market system for buying and selling IPR (intellectual property rights) online.
By John Boyd


The Query Column
What can be worse than Y2K? Try NANP
by Thomas Caldwell

Industry Eye
The PC's mid-life crisis
by John Boyd

In my opinion
Putting the craft back into crafting software
by Tim Romero

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