May 1999
Vol. 6, No. 5

Software localization on Windows
Software localization is more than translation. What steps can you take to smooth the process?

By Atsushi Kaneko

Localization - Focus on Three Major Vendors

Everyone agrees localization is key to software vendors' success, but what are the industry metrics? The Computing Japan Survey scopes out the work being done, and we highlight three major players enjoying multilanguage success.

By Noriko Takezaki

Inter-language with e-bin
You've tried delivering your data by mail, courier, and even motorcycle. Now try e-bin - the choice of language is yours.

By Hugh Ashton

Fat Rollout Expenses Slimmed by Thin Clients

Thin clients are here to stay. Find out if this low-cal diet is right for your enterprise.

By John Linehan

The Crime of the (next) Century
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid go digital. A fable in one act.

By Thomas Caldwell

Globalizing the Web with XML
XML is more than a technology; it's the first step in the true globalization of information and information technology. But we're not there yet - find out why.

By Steve Myers and Ryan Shaw

Streetwise in Asia - An Interview with Cliff Miller
In the first of this month's interview double-header, we speak with Pacific HiTech's president Cliff Miller. He might have the hometown advantage, but this Linux player is keeping his eye on the other team.

Interviewed by Thomas Caldwell

Seeing Red - An Interview with Bob Young
Red Hat CEO Bob Young hopes to hit the Linux ball right out of the park. We asked him about free software, the competition (see above), and Bill Gates.

Interviewed by Thomas Caldwell

The IT Job Market
Career coaching for IT and non-IT professionals

by the Editors

The Digital Forest
State of the Japan Net - Part VIII

by Forest Linton

The Query Column
PGP: It Isn't Just for the Paranoid Anymore

by Thomas Caldwell

Security Corner
Hacking the Hackers

by Greg Kaufman

Industry Eye
What happened to the Network Computer?

by John Boyd

Product Profiles
New Products on the Japanese Market