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Japanese yen is the best bet among all major currencies

February 8, 2016 - 21:55
Just after the Bank of Japan reduced overnight rates one step further, going below zero (joining the ECB), would anybody expect the yen to rise in the coming period? (
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Real wages down for 4th straight year

February 8, 2016 - 21:40
Japanese government data show that the average monthly salary in 2015 grew from a year earlier, but real wages adjusted for inflation actually fell for a 4th straight year. (NHK)
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Cheap oil boosts Japan's 2015 current account surplus 6-fold

February 8, 2016 - 04:57
Japan's current account surplus grew more than six-fold in 2015 from the previous year to 16.64 trillion yen ($142 billion), boosted by a plunge in crude oil imports and a travel surplus amid the yen's depreciation, government data showed Monday. (Kyodo)
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Japan signs investment pact with Iran to boost economic ties

February 5, 2016 - 21:24
Japan and Iran signed a bilateral investment pact Friday in a move aimed at helping Japanese firms do business in the resource-rich country amid intensifying foreign competition for its market access. (Kyodo)
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Japan's biggest pension fund blocked from direct stock investing

February 4, 2016 - 22:03
A push by the world's largest pension fund for permission to bypass asset managers when doing business in Japan's stock market has reportedly hit a wall. (
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12 Pacific Rim countries sign free-trade deal in New Zealand

February 4, 2016 - 03:24
Trade ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries including the United States gathered Thursday in New Zealand for the ceremonial signing of a free-trade deal they say will significantly boost trade. (Asahi)
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Kuroda ready to cut rates further if needed

February 3, 2016 - 08:36
Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda on Wednesday called a negative interest rate a "powerful weapon" for monetary easing, saying the bank will cut it again if needed to conquer deflation. (Japan Times)
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What to make of Japan's new negative interest rate

February 2, 2016 - 19:17
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) took the financial world by surprise last Friday when, in a 5-4 decision, they announced they would begin imposing a negative 0.1 percent interest rate on any new excess reserves beginning on February 16. (
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Monetary base renews record

February 2, 2016 - 13:51
Japan's monetary base renewed its record high for a second straight month in January. (NHK)
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Shockwaves from BOJ move continue, sending key 10-year JGB yield to 0.050 percent

February 1, 2016 - 18:55
Shockwaves from the Bank of Japan's surprising decision to introduce a negative interest rate policy continued in the Japanese government bond market on Monday, with the benchmark 10-year JGB yield hitting a fresh record low of 0.050 pct. (Jiji Press)
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New minister vows to work for strong economy

February 1, 2016 - 18:48
Japan's new economic revitalization minister has pledged to do his best to establish a positive economic cycle. Nobuteru Ishihara succeeded Akira Amari, who resigned last week over a funding scandal. (NHK)
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Kuroda's helping hand to Asia

February 1, 2016 - 16:37
Central banks across the world may be running low on ammunition, but the Bank of Japan has shown that they may still have a few bullets left in their belts. (Nikkei)
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Time for Abenomics to get real as China stutters

February 1, 2016 - 11:28
The biggest cause of the financial and capital market turbulence that has swept the world this year is China's economic slowdown. One of its biggest victims could be Abenomics, the vaunted economic policy agenda being promoted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (Nikkei)
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Japan's central bank is facing a debt crisis

January 31, 2016 - 22:39
According to conventional economic theory, the monetisation of government debt is a recipe for fiscal profligacy and hyperinflation. It should be the last thing any credible central bank turns its hand to. But this is precisely what the Bank of Japan has been doing for the past three years. (
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Foreign workers at record high

January 30, 2016 - 20:33
The number of foreign workers in Japan came in at 907,896 as of the end of October, hitting its highest level since it became mandatory for employers to submit reports on foreign employees to the government in 2007, the labor ministry said Friday. (
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Negative interest rate seen calming Japan's volatile markets -- for now

January 30, 2016 - 20:20
The Bank of Japan's surprise move to introduce a negative interest rate will likely help to calm financial markets, which have been swinging wildly since the start of this year. (Nikkei)
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Population in Tokyo area increases further

January 30, 2016 - 11:37
The population in Tokyo and surrounding areas increased further in 2015, government data show. (Japan Times)
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BOJ adopts negative interest rates

January 29, 2016 - 04:56
The Bank of Japan decided to adopt negative interest rates at its policy meeting on Friday, voting 5-4 to apply an interest rate of -0.1 percent on current accounts held at the central bank. At the same time, the BOJ revised its inflation forecast for fiscal 2016 down to 0.8% from a previous level of 1.4%. (Nikkei)
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Amari's resignation seen hitting Abenomics hard

January 28, 2016 - 20:15
The resignation of Akira Amari as economic revitalization minister over a money scandal is expected to deal a serious blow to the implementation of the Abenomics economic policy of the administration of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. (Jiji Press)
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Japan must let its zombie companies die in peace

January 25, 2016 - 19:20
Imagine that you're a Japanese 26-year-old with big dreams. You graduated from Waseda University, an elite private school, with a degree in electrical engineering. (
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